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April 30, 2008    Press Release

Re-Inventing Oracle Database Administration

DBA Inventions Ltd. announces the release of DBA Easy Control, a revolutionary automation tool that re-invents the administration of Oracle databases.

Automate routine database administration tasks, monitor and control your Oracle databases unattended, and automate your daily routine with a new invention in database administration. DBA Easy Control makes life easier for database administrators whose jobs are to manage Oracle databases and their users.

Allowing instant access to all important information in any Oracle database, DBA Easy Control saves hours of time otherwise spent waiting while the computer handles requests. With DBA Easy Control, you can instantly inquire about the tables, the users and their access rights, as well as all dates and other information essential to a database administrator. The more databases you have, the more time DBA Easy Control saves, and the more efficient your work becomes!

Even if a database is inaccessible, DBA Easy Control still provides system administrators with access to essential information, allowing for better technical support and faster resolution of database issues.

Unattended database monitoring is an important step to ensure problem-free operation of multiple databases. DBA Easy Control informs database administrators about any issues the moment they arise. You can easily set up custom alerts to inform you if there's a problem requiring your attention!

Automating routine and infrequent database operations results in significant time savings for a professional database administrator, while being truly invaluable for the novice DBA's. Greatly reducing the risk of an error, DBA Easy Control generates perfectly functioning SQL scripts to perform both common and infrequent database administration tasks. The resulting scripts are highly optimized, have little or no overhead, and are well-tested and debugged by the developers of DBA Easy Control.

Novice database administrators will certainly appreciate the easy start and the short learning curve of DBA Easy Control. Advanced users will enjoy the time saving and routine automation benefits provided by the product. Novice and professional database administrators alike will appreciate the amount of time and effort saved by DBA Easy Control. This new database administration product makes you always aware of your databases and keeps issues under control completely automatically. Minimize your efforts and put the computer to real work with DBA Easy Control!

An evaluation version of DBA Easy Control is available as a free download at:   Copyright © DBA Inventions Ltd. 2007-2010 All Rights Reserved.