Oracle database monitoring tool
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Moving of table partitions and rebuilding of indexes

Select the list of tables (indexes, partitions or subpartitions) in the list of segments (or objects) and use the context menu (or the SQL Task item in the menu) to choose the Move/Rebuild option.

Create a definition (description) of an SQL task, specify its options and the user whose privileges will be used for running this task. If necessary, you can specify the launch window - the task doesn't start automatically by default.

Specify the necessary parameters in the move/rebuilding dialog and select Save option. Also you can start task immediate by select Run Now option.


All SQL expressions required for this process have been generated. If need be, you can view and edit them in the SQL task node.

Note that all move and rebuild instructions have been generated automatically.

The task will be run according to the previously defined schedule or started manually (the Run Now option).   Copyright © Alexey Brysov 2015 All Rights Reserved.